Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How To Using Food To Attract Visitors To Your Trade Show Booth?

The last time you attended a marketing event as a consumer and not as a demonstrator, did anything stand out? Chances are good that you remember only a handful of trade show displays and it's likely the ones that had killer giveaways are the ones that really stand out in your mind. Giveaways are great, but if you're really looking to make an impression, use food to attract visitors to your display. This will help yours stand out among other trade show booths, but what should you use?

Give Out Something That's Locally Famous

If you're taking your trade show booth and travelling to the event, consider bringing something that your region is famous for. For instance, if you're from Georgia, think about bringing pralines, or if you're from California, consider handing out small samples of wine. (Just make sure to check with the event coordinator to make sure giving out samples of alcoholic beverages isn't against the city or venue's restrictions. Oftentimes it's okay as long as the samples are less than 2 ounces, but you should check to be certain.) No matter where you're from, you'll probably be able to find something edible for your visitors.

If You're A Food Vendor, Have Your Own Products At Your Trade Show Booth

If you're a food or beverage vendor, your choices are simple -- bring your own products to your displays and show them off. Visitors will appreciate the opportunity to try your products and, oftentimes, you can let them sell themselves. It's not a bad idea to have workers circulating throughout the venue with your products, but make sure they're actually directing people to your trade show booth instead of just letting visitors sample your goods.

Old Standbys Can Work For Any Business

If you don't sell food or beverages or you're not entirely sure which local delicacies you should bring with you, consider having fresh chocolate chip cookies baking at your booth. You can often get a small, portable oven and premade cookie dough to make things easy for employees. The smell of freshly baked cookies will easily entice people to your display from all around the venue.

If a portable oven isn't allowed, you can still offer treats for visitors. Have a display of donuts and coffee for early morning shows, while popcorn and energy drinks can provide a needed pick me up in the afternoons. Just make sure your employees aren't snacking on the job -- the treats are for the customers, not the workers.

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